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Wendy Williams Is Having Secret Meetings with Lawyers After Her Husband's Cheating Scandal

Wendy Williams

It looks like Wendy is in full panic mode!

We previously reported that Wendy Williams' husband Kevin Hunter has been having a 10 year affair with his massage therapist. The talk show host dispelled the rumours on her show, but the streets have a different story.

Word on the street is that Wendy has been having top secret meetings with her legal team to discuss her options. Now if you have had your ears to the streets than you would of heard that Kevin has not been the best husband to Wendy. Sources say that he is extremely abusive, which would make it hard for Wendy to leave.

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Kevin is her manager and they both run a production company together so my prediction is that, as soon as Kevin Jr. runs off the college, Wendy will get a divorce. I've heard that all the staff at her talk show hate Kevin, but have to put up with him because of Wendy.

The affair rumours are obviously true, I mean they have photos of him with the girl at the house he bought her! What a mess!

I hope that Wendy's secret lawyers meetings help her find a out, from her monster of a husband. Proceed with caution!

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