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Shade of the Week: Kameron Westcott

Kameron Westcott

When the trailer for season 2 of The Real Housewives of Dallas dropped I was so excited to meet the "real life" Elle Woods. However after watching the first episode I learned that she was probably my least favourite Housewives newbie of the year. Or maybe ever?

Kameron is everything I hate in a housewife. She's etiquette obsessed, she's a snob and she just can't have fun. Everyone else laughed at Brandi's dildo and she had to run away? Maybe if she had borrowed sexual chocolate she could have been less uptight. Literally. It probably scared her because Mr Chocolate was bigger than she's used to.

Let's talk about the husband. Hobbit I think his name is? Kameron's husband is the reason that she is the way she is. He introduced her into this socialite world and he seems like the type of guy that has major control issues. Does anyone else notice how every time Kameron speaks her husband Hobbit looks like he wants to kill her and then himself. Something isn't right in that marriage and if they unfortunately come back for season 3 I think we will definitely find out what it is.

I also hate her whole dumb blonde act. UGH! The way she talks is so slow with that vocal fry, and you can tell she think she is so cool. It gives me the biggest headache you have no idea. If you pretend to be a dumb blonde and then go on a show and say you only "pretend" to be one, won't everyone know you're faking. This doesn't make any sense to me.

And DO NOT get me started on that pink dog food. I'm sorry but no one wants to go out and buy pink dog food. Trust me I've asked. And does that mean the dog shits pink? That's not natural. No one wants cotton candy coming out their dogs ass. How fucking GROSS!

The girls have taped the reunion and I hope it's the last time we see Barbie. She isn't good TV, she isn't funny, she isn't interesting. I see no reason to bring her back for a second round. Proceed with caution little girl!

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