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KUWTK Recap: Santa Barbara Beef

Keeping Up With The Kardashians | Season 14, Episode 4

What is up with all the vacations this season? We are only 4 episodes in and the girls have already travelled to Cleveland, Mexico and Santa Barbara. Kourtney is the only K who went on all three trips which is shocking considering she's the one with three kids. It looks like Kourt is way more fun now that she's not tied to Lord Disick anymore.

We started off with Kourtney stressing out about her relationship with Kendall. In big families you are bound to be closer with different people and Kourt and Kendall just aren't the closest sisters. Kendall is a 21-year-old supermodel who flies all over the world and Kourtney is a 38-year-old mother of three so it doesn't surprise me that there is some distance between these two. Kourt had the idea to go on a trip to Santa Barbara to fix her awkward relationship with Kendall and she decided to bring Khloe along as a buffer between the two.

Meanwhile Kim was busy bitching about Khloe's style. Ugh. I love Kim but I hate it when she has this superior attitude about everyones clothes. Just because everyone isn't styled by Kanye and wear ugly simplest clothes, doesn't mean they have bad taste. To be honest ever since Kim's wardrobe has been under Kanye's control I haven't like most of her outfits. They are either too homeless or too spaceman. Khloe on the other hand takes fashion risks and doesn't just stick to boring neutral colours. Kim brought up the idea of being Khloe's stylist but she shut that idea down right away.

Even though Khloe didn't want a stylist, Kim decided to sneak into Khloe's house and pack her a different bag for her trip to Santa Barbara. She brought Jonathan along with her which immediately ruined the mood. He looks like a muppet got botox. Kim made herself a smoothie at Khloe's house and then started to pack the clothes. By the way, she didn't clean up her smoothie mess which drove my OCD crazy. Kim actually put some nice outfits together for Khloe. Thank god she didn't bring Kanye around. Kim packed the bag and somehow managed to switch the bags before Khloe's trip. I have no idea how she managed to do it but she did.

After Kim's mission was complete Khloe, Kourt and Kendall all set out on their trip to Santa Barbara. The girls checked into their beautiful hotel and Khloe found her suitcase that Kim had packed. She didn't want to wear Kim's preplanned clothes but she didn't really have a choice at this point. Khloe put on a cute dress and the sisters headed out for dinner. At their dinner, Kourt was getting non stop texts from Scott's friends. UGH! I am so over this Scott sobriety storyline, it's been going on for 10 years and I am beyond over it. Kourtney should of just put the phone down and had a fun night with her sisters but of course that didn't happen.

Following their boring dinner Khloe updated Kim about all the Scott drama. Kim decided to be a good sister and drive on over to Scott's house so that she could put Kourtney's mind at ease. Kim arrived at Scott's house in a wife beater that showed all her nipples. The producers even had to blur it because it showed too much. Damn. Scott assured Kim that he's fine which proved to be a waste of time for Kim. Also Scott's house is beautiful. It's very Hamptons chic.

After Kourt heard the news that Scott was okay she snapped out of her anxious mood and started to have fun with Khloe. Kendall fell asleep early which is never a good thing to do when you are staying with two of your crazy sisters. Khloe and Kourt decided to mess with Kendall but putting chocolate in her butt crack so that when she wakes up she would think that she had shit herself. Only in the Kardashian family does this happen. Half way through, Kendall woke up to see her sisters putting cholocate in her butt which would be alarming to a normal person but to a Kardashian this is just another day.

The next day the girls went out to a wine tasting, didn't Khloe and Kris have a wine tasting last week? These Kardashian girls must love their wine. The sisters only had 3 mini tasters and Kendall and Kourt were already drunk. Light weights. The wine didn't even affect Khloe because let's face it, she is the most prized drinker out of the family. The girls sobered up and Kendall and Kourt got facials to talk about their awkward relationship, they agreed to catch up more but I don't see it happening. They started to talk about Scott's crazy behaviour in Cannes last year which only foreshadowed the drama that unfolds in Cannes next week!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians airs Sunday at 9/8c on E! Stay tuned at Good Tea for our shady recaps and exclusive tea on the first family of reality TV.

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