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Drake and The Weeknd Are Fighting Over Bella Hadid!

It looks like Drake isn't paying attention to the phrase bros before hoes.

Word on the street is that the singer is beefing with The Weeknd over his new boo, Bella Hadid. Sources are confirming that Bella and Drake have hooked up and The Weeknd is pissed.

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The model used to date The Weekend, who was good friends with Drake. The streets are saying that The Weeknd and Drake were apart of the same friendship group but now members of their crew have been forced to pick sides because The Weekend feels betrayed that his friend hooked up with his ex. Damn, this is like an episode of Vanderpump Rules.

The Weeknd is still dating Selena Gomez who used to be friends with Bella, so Mr Weeknd can't really talk about betrayal. I mean he got between Bella and Selena's friendship. Hypocrite much?

Do you think that The Weeknd has a right to be mad at Drake? Or should he let their beef go? Sound off in the comments below!