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Kathy Griffin Goes NUCLEAR By Saying Andy Cohen Lives To Take Women Down and Accused Him of Offering

Kathy Griffin gives ZERO fucks at this point and I am LOVING it!

As we previously reported Kathy tweeted about Andy Cohen after TMZ posted an interview of him pretending not to know her. Well now the comedian posted a 17 minute video on Youtube where she spilled all the tea she possibly could.

After the Trump photo scandal Kathy has no fucks left to give. She called out both TMZ's Harvey Levin and Andy for being misogynist and not supporting women. Kathy said that Harvey is a massive Trump supporter even though he is GAY! Then she threw shade at Harvey by playing a voice message he left her which included his PERSONAL PHONE NUMBER!

Kathy called Andy a miserable boss and came for him by saying that he wants to be her because he tried to be funny when she was hosting an award show and he also gave himself Watch What Happens Live when Kathy was trying to get her own talk show. The biggest TEA she spilled was that she appeared on WWHL twice and Andy offered her COCAINE both times! Kathy said she thought he was joking the first time but realised he was serious the second time. MY JAW HIT THE FLOOR. Now I know how he has so much energy when he's hosting that show! Wow, I can never look at him the same way.

Kathy also went on to call out the female executives at Bravo who also did her wrong and came for the Real Housewives franchise for being anti feminist. She also brought up the fact she gave Andy Cohen and Bravo TWO Emmys and they were never grateful to her.

The standup comic reminded us that she isn't backing down even though she was under a federal investigation and was put on the no fly list. Kathy is in the middle of the world tour and is performing for sold out shows so I don't think Kathy will be going anywhere anytime soon!

Check out her explosive video above for herself!

Can you BELIEVE the TEA that Kathy spilled? I am DEAD! Sound off in the comments!

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