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Shade of the Week: James Kennedy

James Kennedy

James Kennedy has got to be one of the most hated people on reality TV ever, where do I even begin?

DJ Douchebag has been a spoilt brat since we came onto the scene as Kristen's rebound from Tom Sandoval, let's be real. It's not even his skeletal figure that I hate, it's his personality. He brags about all the girls he slept with in his gross British accent while he has that evil little grin.

I think that James' goal is to be a Mini Jax Taylor. The problem is that Jax doesn't try to be a asshole, that's just his authentic self. Somewhere deep down in Jax he has some redeeming qualities that make him a loveable asshole but I can't think of anything good about James. I literally can't thing of one thing!

I've always wonder, do those girls really sleep with him? Who would actually volunteer to have sex with him. He's so skinny, so naturally any girl would have to do all the work and imagine climaxing with his voice talking to you. I'm gonna vomit thinking about it.

Does anyone get a gay vibe? He always tries to be sassy and bitchy and remember when he turned up to Sur with those bite marks? Yeah that's straight. He even said that he was staying with an older guy last season rent free, I wonder what he had to do for that. I'm not trying to be homophobic but let's be real, it won't be long before DJ Dickhead's leaked Grindr profile is all over the internet.

Vanderpump Rules season 6 hasn't been announced yet but is expected to return later his year and unfortunalty James will be back. He's not good TV and he's not even someone I love to hate, he's someone I hate to hate. This little boy is the human form of an eye roll and I literally can't sit through any of his scenes, somebody needs to send his skinny little ass a one way trip back to England!

Am I crazy or do you guys hate James as well? Sound off in the comments below!

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