7 Reasons Why You Have To Tune Into Vanderpump Rules Season Six

Who knew that when Vanderpump Rules aired as a little RHOBH spinoff that it would have lasted six seasons, produced major reality TV stars and gained a cult following! These sexy SURver's have become experts at lying, cheating, fighting and delivering epic one liners. It's like a Real Housewives show but without morals! Season Five had plenty of drama but it looks like everybody is going fucking crazy in the new season trailer. Old enemies are becoming friends, once perfect couples are coming unhinged and Lala Kent is back on the scene, it's everything you want and more! Check out our 7 reasons why you have to tune into the new season!

1. Lala Is Back!

Whether you love her or hate her, Lala is good TV. Miss Kent has all the makings of being an epic SURver, she's hot, bitchy and isn't afraid to smack a bitch down. After the sugar daddy rumours that flooded the show last year, Lala decided to put her big girl panties on and come back to face the music (and get a check.) It looks like she has started a friendship with her former nemesis so we'll see how getting that goes to down in flames.

2. Jax and James Are Friends?!

These former enemies have despised the presence of each other for years and have nearly gotten in several physical altercations and now they are taking selfies together and talking about hate sex? Okay. If you think about it this new friendship makes sense because Jax and James are both narcissistic, lying, cheating pigs so who knows maybe Jax could give James tips about how to cheat and not get caught. I think we can all see this "friendship" won't last but the fall out will be epic!

3. Stassi's Anniversary Mexico Breakup

After nearly 4 years of Stassi and Patrick dating we have never seen him on camera but it looks like he is finally coming around - to break up with her. Stassi already spilled the tea via Twitter that Patrick dumped her on their anniversary but she still went on their trip to Mexico that was preplanned. Very Sex And The City. We are bound to see Stassi cry and complain endlessly but hopefully she bounces back with a hotter guy! You know the saying, the best way to get over someone, is to get under someone else.

4. Ariana and Sandoval's Heated Relationship

I never saw this coming. Ariana and Tom have always maintained that their relationship is perfect but it looks like they are finally getting real! In the trailer we saw Ariana say they should breakup and then they had a massive screaming match, this is what I want to see. By all accounts these two are still together and I guess we are gonna have to tune in to see what all this fighting is about. Maybe it's about Ariana's new haircut?

5. Jax and Brittany's Hate Fucking Who doesn't love a good hate fuck? Jax spilled the tea that Brittany is hate fucking him and it is, apparently, awesome. This season this couple looks like their relationship is taking a turn for the worse after their trip to Kentucky. Word on the street is that resident shit stirrer Kristen Doute is trying her best to break the couple up. For Brittany's health and wellbeing she should of kicked Jax's ass to the curb ages ago but from Instagram it looks like these two are still dating. Maybe?!

6. Scheana's New Boo

We already reported the tea that Scheana and her new boyfriend Rob are over. It looks like she is super loved up the entire season but Lala drops a bomb that Rob might of been kissing some other girls. Could that be what ended their relationship? I'm not sure but I'm still waiting for Scheana and Shay to reconnect, but hose odds are about as likely as Lisa Vanderpump actually having sex with Ken!

7. Tom Schwartz's Phone

The trailer ended with Jax throwing Schwart's phone across the room in anger. I understand he's upset but why bring Tom's technology into it? Haven't you hazed him enough by putting your bare ass on his head? I guess we'll have to tune in to see what made Jax throw the phone and what conditions Tom's phone is in!

Vanderpump Rules premieres December 4 at 8/9c on Bravo! Check out the epic trailer below to get ready for a drama filled season!