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Is Sofia Richie Changing Scott Disick For The Better?

Who knew that a teenager could be the one to put Lord Disick on the straight and narrow? Word on the street is that Scott Disick is ready to stop clubbing and live a party free life thanks to his new girlfriend.

We previously reported this week that Tyga posted a picture of Scott's online dating profile but it seems like his new barely legal boo, Sofia Richie is looking past it. Sources are saying that Sofia is extremely mature for her age and has showed Scott that he doesn't need to party all the time and that we can just live a low-key life.

The couple have travelled to Miami, Milan, Punta Mita and more exotic locations in their short 2 months of dating and he has reportedly been drinking a lot less and been enjoying life a whole lot more.

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Scott's ex Kourtney Kardashian was with her baby daddy for 10 years and she NEVER managed to make him change his way. Maybe all he needed was a teenager to make him realise that he was acting like a teenage. The mess!

Given his new life changes, maybe will make him a better dad for Mason, Penelope or Reign? Or could it just make him a better Daddy for Sofia? HA!

Do you think Scott's new lifestyle will last long? Sound off in the comments below!

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