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Kathy Griffin Continues Her Beef With Andy Cohen By Posting Shady Fan Story

Kathy Griffin is really committing to her new zero fucks lifestyle. I mean she is the self proclaimed Mayor of Zero Fucksville!

The disgraced comedian isn't letting go of with beef with Andy Cohen. Kathy posted a story that a fan sent her about his one night stand with Andy in the 80's.

The guy named Forrest is claiming that he met Andy through their mutual friend Amanda who suggested that they should date. Apparently Andy hooked up with him and wasn't interested in anything else. Men.

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The shady source also insinuated that Andy had a very small penis. Now if you are going to spill the tea you better spill all of it, and that's what Kathy is doing!

Kathy ended her rant by saying: do you know me now bitch? If you don't remember, Andy shaded Kathy in a TMZ interview by channeling his inner Mariah Carey and saying "I don't know her?" Kathy responded to the shade with a 17 minute rant where she accused Andy of offering her cocaine. You can't make this stuff up!

Andy hasn't clapped back yet but we will keep you updated on this juicy celebrity beef. Check out the fans full story below!

Who's side are you on? Sound off in the comments!

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