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Beyonce Doesn't Respect Kim Kardashian Because Of Her "Fame Thirsty" Ways

Tea Drinkers gather around because we have some juicy scoop on one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrity feuds.

Even though Beyonce and Kim Kardashian both married former rapper BFF’s Kanye West and Jay Z, they haven’t ever really seen eye to eye. Word on the street is that Bey cannot stand being around Kim and sources even reported that she hired a whole PR company to make sure that they didn’t cross paths at the Met Gala. Now that is shade.

New sources close to Beyonce are revealing that she has never liked Kim because she has no respect for her. Beyonce worked her way to the top with her killer talent and she cannot stand that Kim is only famous from a sex tape and a reality show. Bey also thinks that Kim is thirsty for fame and she doesn’t want to be around that energy.

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Beyonce is always nice to Kim but their encounters are never warm or meaningful. Kim has no negative feelings towards Beyonce but she definitely isn’t loosing sleep over their strained relationship. Sources close to the reality star are saying that Kim has given zero fucks about what anyone thinks about her since her infamous robbery.

Last week Kim and Beyonce both attended their friend Serena Williams’ A-List wedding. Kanye and Jay Z weren’t in attendance and have been feuding for a while now, over petty BS. Sources said that Kim and Bey were both cordial and even had champagne together when they bumped into each other at the wedding, despite their husbands public beef.

What are you’re thoughts on this celebrity feud?

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