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Brad Pitt Is Pissed That Angelina Jolie Plans To Take Their Kids To Cambodia For Christmas

Angelina Jolie is proving that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

We previously reported that Ang was still up to her dirty tricks by letting Brad have very limited contact with his kids, and now she is taking them away for the holidays. Sources are saying that Angie wants to take her brood to Cambodia for christmas and Brad is livid. He finally came around to the idea that he may not spend the day with the kids, but now he has to deal with them being on a different continent.

Brad has begged Ang to reconsider her christmas vacation, because the kids have told her that they want to spend Christmas with both their parents but apparently Ang and Brad are not in a place to be able to spend the holidays together. Their six children are allegedly begging their mom to make up with their dad and be civil for the sake of their family events

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Sources close to the actress are revealing that Angelina will probably end up giving in to Brad and staying in LA because she knows how much it would devastate him. Ang’s friend spilled the tea:

“It’s likely that Angelina will have the kids Christmas Eve and Christmas day morning, then they will go to Brad's for a few hours before heading back to Angelina’s for dinner.”

Word on the street is that Brad would love to spend Christmas dinner with his children to keep his traditions alive, but we has decided to compromise with Angelina because it is better than the alternative, which is them flying across the world.

It doesn’t matter if Ang has been hurt by Brad, she should never use their kids to get back at him because karma’s a bitch and she knows where Angelina and her lips live.

What are your thoughts on this crazy family drama?