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Kendall Jenner Is Warning Bella Hadid About Rekindling With The Weeknd

Fans were overjoyed when they saw The Weeknd leaving Bella Hadid's apartment in the early hours of the morning, but her friends weren't as excited to see the couple get back together.

Word on the street is that on Bella's recent girls trip to The Bahamas with Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and more of her model friends, the warned her about the dangers of rekindling her relationship with Abel.

Sources are saying that he was a massive topic of conversation because the girls don't want to see her hurt again. Kendall was the most vocal member of the squad and told her that she was "playing with fire" if she continued to go back to her ex who had scorned her so bad.

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Kendall doesn't believe that people can change and she is very sceptical of The Weeknd's motives because of the intense media attention surrounding him lately. Miss Kennie is looking out for her friend and I can respect that.

The couple's recent hookup comes as The Weeknd was seen with dozens of girls in the wake of his split with Selena Gomez, who recently reconnected with Justin Bieber. The two exes were in a war to see who could win the breakup and as soon as The Weeknd walked out of Bella's apartment, it was clear that the trophy was his. So was Bella just a pawn in his game?

Bella and Abel aren't officially back together but only time will tell if they reconnect for good. Abel recently deleted all pictures of Selena from his Instagram which is petty as fuck but maybe it's a sign of new girls to come?

Do you think they should get back together or was The Weeknd just using Bella in his feud with Jelena? Sound off in the comments!

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