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Kim Kardashian's Son Saint West Hospitalised With Pneumonia

Awww, my heart goes out in the entire Kardashian family even though I'm still pissed at them for wasting our time with that dumb Christmas card reveal.

Kim Kardashian shared on her Instagram that her son Saint was hospitalised on Thursday for pneumonia and released on Saturday. Poor baby.

Apparently the famous kid was hooked up to IV's and placed on multiple oxygen machines due to his unexpected pneumonia diagnosis. What a way to end the year. Kim thanked the doctors and nurses for helping her son get throw his battle and maintains that he is all better and resting at home.

The fact that they managed to keep this out of the media is crazy to me, someone must be getting paid off or Kris Jenner is just REALLY good at her job!

What do you think of this shocking news? Sound off in the comments!

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