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Scott Disick Went Crazy When He Saw Sofia Richie's Ex

I guess Scott Disick is still up to his old ways.

Word on the street is that over the New Year's Eve break, Scott Disick and his barely legal boo Sofia Richie partied in Aspen with their celebrity friends.

The couple were party hopping and accidentally ended up at the same party as Sofia's ex Lewis Hamilton. The race car driver was busy playing a game of pool when Sofia approached him and the exes began chatting.

Scott saw Sofia talking to Lewis from the other side of the party and was not happy. The reality star turned cokehead allegedly stormed over to Sofia and demanded that they leave the party.

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Inside sources at the party said that Scott was very jealous of Lewis and was allegedly talking to anyone that would listen about how he was going to fight the 32-year-old. Damn, Sofia really does like her men a little older.

Sofia and Lewis are maintaining that everything was nice and civil, but those aren't two words that describe Scott Disick. Am I right?

What do you think about this situation? Sound off in the comments!

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