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Kim D Alleged On The Upcoming RHONJ Reunion That Teresa Giudice AND Melissa Gorga Had Affairs!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunions have a history of being the most fiery out of the franchise and the upcoming season eight reunion will be no exception!

For years the entire Gorga family have been at war with Kim D over her constant rumours that she spreads while on camera. Kim D was involved in the whole StripperGate plan (with Teresa), tried to break up Joe and Melissa (with Teresa), and then when her friendship with Teresa fell apart, Kim D started claiming that Juicy Joe and Teresa were both cheating on each other. The mess of it all!

After this season's POSCHE fashion show where Teresa confronted Kim D in an epic blow up, Bravo producers decided to invite Kim to the reunion and shit went down!

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Sources close to production have spilled the tea that Kim allegedly bought an envelope to the reunion which claimed that Teresa has been having an affair with a friend of Joe and Melissa's and texting him throughout the season non stop. Apparently Melissa knew about the affair but Joe Gorga didn't. To make it even juicer, Teresa's new boo was AT their restaurant opening. Shady boots!

Kim D's letter also alleged that Melissa has been having an affair with the Cake Boss Buddy which I don't believe but that would be the ultimate reality TV crossover.

Leave it to Kim D to bring the mess to a reunion, but I am all the way down for it! Check out the very shady letter below!

Who do you believe? Sound off in the comments!

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