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Kathryn Calhoun Dennis Sets The Record Straight On Landon Clements Not Returning To Southern Charm

Although Landon Clements may have left Southern Charm it looks like she is still involved in her longtime beef with Kathryn Dennis.

The fiery red head did an interview while in New York earlier this week and spilled the tea on the real reason that Landon wasn’t returning to the hit show. Apparently Landon wanted to come back but was fired by Bravo and then claimed that she was leaving from her own choice. Mmm shady boots!

When asked if Kathryn had spoken to Landon she simply said “I don’t speak dolphin.” HA! That line killed me. Who knew that her off the cuff insult in season three would become the term for how people reference Landon!

Kathryn also sounded off on Landon’s appearance on Relationshep and said that Landon can’t escape herself and has no social skills at all. Ouch!

Speaking of Relationshep, Kathryn confirmed that Shep Rose’s ex boo that he didn't chose Peyton did move to Charleston and will appear on the new season. I think the idea of being on reality TV was more appealing than the idea of Shep Rose.

Kathryn spilled the tea that Peyton is friends with all the boys which made everyone question why exactly she came to Charleston, which will probably be a main plot point for the new season.

Southern Charm is expected to return in Spring.

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