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Jonathan "Foodgod" Cheban Allegedly Exploded On The Kardashian's Family Feud Taping

On Saturday the entire Kardashian clan, with exception of Kourtney and Kylie, participated in Family Feud and it seems to be as dramatic as an episode of KUWTK, let's just pray that there were E! cameras rolling on the set.

Khloe, Kendall, Aunt Cici, Kris, MJ and Jonathan were all set to participate on the Kardashian side while Kim, Kanye and three of his cousins were ready to play for the West side. Apparently Jonathan exploded backstage when he found out that he wasn't allowed to compete because Kris wanted MJ instead.

The botox and food addict was allegedly flown from Miami to appear on the show and "flipped out" on Kris when she decided that MJ (her mom) should take his place. After his freakout the staff decided to make Kris and MJ play as one person.

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Is he kidding? Yeah, it's a little shitty for Kris to make the change at the last minute after he's already flown across the country but it's called Family Feud for a reason, so why was he even there in the first place? That family was no shortage of members so why did they need to recruit him from Miami anyway?

MJ should have had her own position from the beginning and not have to be crammed in next to Kris. Who does Jonathan think he is, Mariah Carey? He doesn't have the status to conduct such a diva act. If anyone should have shared positions with anyone, it should have been Jonathan & Kim because he's so far up her ass, no one would see the difference!

Jonathan's reps claim there was no backstage blowout. Mmm.

Take several seats Foodgod! I see you!

What do you think about this beef? Sound off in the comments!

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