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6 Reasons To Tune Into Southern Charm's Fifth Season!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Bravo's sleeper hit Southern Charm is back and the Charleston socialites are still delivering with their shade straight from the south. After five years the Hot Mess Express that is Thomas & Kathryn's relationship doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon and the rest of the gang's debauchery is still managing to rear it's ugly, entertaining head. It isn't the most explosive show on television but Southern Charm always manages to come through with enough drama to quench our thirst. Pour yourself a glass of Patrica's famous martinis and check out all the reasons why you have to tune into the upcoming season!

1. Cameran's Baby

In the midst of this casts drunk nights and bed hopping, Cameran is probably doing the most mature task by having her first child. This season we get to see Cam prepare for and welcome the baby that she has spend years of tossing and turning over. Who doesn't love watching an overly hormonal, sleep deprived woman freaking out about not having enough diapers in her nursery for a baby that she hasn't always wanted.

2. Thomas' New Girlfriend

It seems like this new season won’t see Thomas & Kathryn rekindle their dysfunction spark because the former politician turned felon has a new boo on the scene named Ashley, who obviously ruffles Miss Dennis' feathers. Being Thomas' girlfriend means co-parenting with his aggressive baby mama who attracts drama like moth to a flame, which has got to be good TV.

3. Conscious UnCoupling

This season not only are exes Craig & Naomi still on the show together but Austen & Chelsea also have to manage to coexist after their split which can be difficult when he is dating one of her friends. Naomi and Craig obviously aren't doing as well with their task of consciously uncoupling which is evident by her constant need to come at his sewing but Naomi and her old nose need to leave Craig's needle and thread alone.

4. Kathryn's New Hair

I don't know what is happening on top of Kathryn's head but I'm not hating it. This season she traded in her long ginger locks in for a short blonde do matched with her original red head regrowth. It not as bad as Sheree Whitfield's tragic platinum blonde wig but Kathryn and her stylist definitely need to touch up her messy regrowth, but the tale of her hair should entice anyone to tune in.

5. Jennifer Snowden Is Back Kathryn's former ride or die bestie is only back in one guest appearance this season, but she obviously made her presence known. It looks like Jennifer is standing up for someone who Austen called a hooker, or she could just be stirring the pot but it's worth a watch to find out. When there's no drama the producers must go directly to Snowden because she always delivers.

6. Boat Ride From Hell

The most dramatic part of the trailer was that weird, janky boat scene. I don't know when, where, why or how the Southern Charmers ended up on that vessel but shit was going down. Thomas dropped an f-bomb, permanent "friend of" Dani got into with Ravenel's new boo and I'm sure it caused a whole lot of mess that I can't wait to get to the bottom of it!

Southern Charm premieres April 5th at 9/8c on Bravo! Check out the epic trailer below to get ready for a drama filled season!

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