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Shade of the Week: David Beador

Where do I even begin with David Beador and his beady eyes?

To clarify this shade is in no way directed at Shannon Beador and she’s only in the attached photo because I literally could not find a decent photo of David after scanning through several pages of Google Images.

I don’t know when David’s douchebaggery began but it was definitely before he first appeared on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Surely we can all remember back to the Beador’s debut season where he started having an affair with a woman days into filming. What normal person starts cheating on their wife a few days after they sign up to one of the biggest reality shows in the world. Not only is he slimy but he is just plain stupid.

After their first slippery season the couple then had to deal with their rollercoaster relationship which included them working through their cheating scandal, renewing their vowels, being more in love than ever and Shannon gaining weight and getting depressed over Vicki Gunvalson's lies which ultimately turned David off for good. If he couldn't be there for Shannon and support her in the hardest times then they obviously should not have been together. Even after David had treated Shannon like dirt for an entire season, I still didn't completely hate him. Yeah, I thought he was an asshole as evidenced on reality TV but I definitely didn't put him into the same category as the Slade Smileys and Tom D'Agostinos of the world. The nail in the coffin that was favourable opinion of David was when he told Shannon that they only had a few good months of marriage.

A FEW GOOD MONTHS?! YOU WERE MARRIED FOR 17 YEARS! 17! If you were unhappy for years on end, why the fuck did you stay as long as you did? I hate the excuse of people staying together for their children because speaking from experience it is always better if you just break the fuck up. That excuse was just a cop out for David because in reality he didn't leave because he is a little weasel. David The Weasel.

Now the couple are currently filming their fifth year of RHOC and their storyline will be all about their bloodbath of a divorce. Who knows if David will even film for the show but his actions will still have a major impact on Shannon's storyline. Not only did David play dirty and say in court documents that Shannon is encouraging their kids not to speak to him but he yelled profanities at her in court and shut the water off to her house after he was ordered to pay her over $20,000 a month in child support.

Yes, that's a lot of money but you caused this David. Shannon tried so hard to save their marriage and he did not try at all. Also, their kids probably don't speak to him because they have eyes and ears and they can see exactly how he has treated their mom for years. They won't hate him forever but right now they probably don't want anything to do with him and I absolutely don't think that is due to any of Shannon's influence. And as for shutting the water off to Shannon's house - that is a bitch move. I don't know why David even had the ability to turn off the water but that is probably one of the lowest thing to do. Turning off the water is more than just a bitchy action, it's a clear symbol that he has all the money and the power to control her life. That might sound dark but it's true.

Seriously, why he so worried about Shannon's life when HE is the cheater and HE is the one with a girlfriend?! And you just know that his little Newport Beach bimbo is probably in his ear and getting him even angrier about his divorce drama. Sorry, I didn't mean to call her a bimbo. She's probably a really nice girl but I am too #TeamShannon to care. Sorry Leslie! David needs to calm the fuck down and stay as far away from any and all Bravo cameras that he can. He needs to focus on his career and his relationship with his girlfriend before he slowly starts to rebuild his relationships with his daughters. If David sticks to that plan then maybe he can get back into my good graces. Maybe.