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Blac Chyna Used Baby Stroller As A Weapon In Her Physical Fight At Six Flags

Blac Chyna is the definition of mess. Seriously, grab out your dictionary and next to the word mess there will be a big old photo of Chyna and her booty. The Kardashian reject has a "leaked" sex tape, toxic relationships with TWO baby daddies, she's dating an 18-year-old rapper and now she is throwing strollers at amusement parks. Does it GET any messier?

Over the weekend Chyna took her kids and barely legal boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay to Six Flags Magic Mountain for a fun family day out. According to the video vixen, someone tried to touch her daughter Dream and called her a hood rat, so she did what she does best and resorted to physical violence.

In the two videos below you can see Chyna clearly pick up her daughter's stroller and try to hurl it at her attacker before she gets held back by her security. She then tried to have a second attempt at throwing the stroller but wasn't successful.

Watch the EPIC video below!

You may call Miss Chyna crazy but she is a Mama Bear protecting her cub against the wild world so I don't think you can blame her for that. However she does go from 0-100 in about .82 seconds which she seriously needs to work on because no one wants to have a mother that is popping off at everyone left and right.

After the videos went viral Chyna took to her Instagram story to post the following message:

Mmm really Chyna, you aren't a violent person? Maybe you should rewatch Rob & Chyna to refresh your memory!

I would give anything to see Kris Jenner's reaction from her Calabasas manor about her former daughter-in-law's latest brawl. She would definitely have some serious shade to throw!

What do you think of Chyna's crazy outburst? Sound off in the comments!

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