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Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Explodes On Baby Mama In Social Media Rampage Amid Cheating Scandal


Only days after it was revealed that Ronnie-Ortiz Magro cheated on his then-pregnant girlfriend Jen Harley, admitted he was still in love with Sammi Giancola and didn't see a future with his baby mama on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, the couple are now fighting on social media through their Instagram stories. Yes, the mess is real.

It appears the fight is about Jen having videos of her "sucking dick" with her ex and Ronnie wanted her to delete them. He then went on a "Ronpage" and called his baby mama a "natural born hoe" and said he found her in the gutter. Damn.

After being called a hoe, Jen clapped back calling him a cokehead:

He then posted a poll asking: if your ex or significant other keeps sex videos of their sex, shouldn't they show enough respect to delete them, esp after being in a new relationship for over a year?

The answer is yes, she should delete them. But shouldn't he have shown the same respect by not getting his dick sucked in a bathroom on TV?

Things got messier when Ronnie posted a bad "Ronpage" edit and A BUNCH of screenshots that showed fans and his Jersey Shore cast agreeing with him. Ron, just sit down and shut the fuck up. Why do you need to be so messy?

Can we just take a moment to acknowledge that the Jersey Short cast group chat is called: "Just Us *WE FAMOUS FAM*" Pauly D must have named it!

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Both of these people knew who they were when they started this relationship, he was a serial cheater with a partying lifestyle and she was just another THOT in Vegas. Her Instagram handle is tater_tot_kitty. Just saying.

Isn't it ironic that they are fighting about videos of Jen sucking dick when Ron was caught getting his dick sucked by a French THOT on TV? A mess.

The couple's daughter Ariana Sky Magro was born earlier this month.

For full coverage of the beef check out Ronnie's Instagram here and Jen's Instagram here - however, her account is private now!

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