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Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Spotted With Scheana Shay After Explosive Fight With Baby Mama

This situation is just getting weirder and like a car crash, I can't look away because it now involves my two favourite things: messy relationships and Vanderpump Rules.

Following Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's intense day of physically fighting his baby mama Jen Harley on her Instagram live, he issued another apology and stated that his main priority is his daughter:

However, after a couple of hours offline he resurfaced - on Scheana Shay's Instagram story. The reality star's were at her condo watching the season finale of Vanderpump Rules with friends, only hours after his breakdown.

What the actual fuck. Watch the videos below.

They even played Cards Against Humanity where one of the questions couldn't have been more directed at Ron! Take a look:

Scheana is currently residing in Vegas to perform in her play Sex Tips and Ronnie lives there, so I guess it's understandable why they would be hanging out? You would think that after a dramatic day of fist fighting your significant other that you'd stay home and not head around to a fellow reality star's house to watch her show?

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It doesn't stop there.

His baby mama then took to HER Instagram to confirm the new tator_tot_kitty account is a fake, after that account reposted Scheana's video on it's story, adding the caption: "But he don't cheat guys."

Even though the account wasn't real can you imagine how good this potenial reality TV cheating crossover would be? I mean, we know fidelity isn't exactly her strong suit - just ask Brandi Glanville?

We won't have to wait long to find out more about this story because I'm sure Ronnie is already getting ready to go on his next Ronpage.

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