Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Apologised, Accused Baby Mama Of Cheating THEN GOT IN PHYSICAL FIGHT ON INSTAGRAM

UPDATE: Moments after I posted this article I got bombarded with comments saying that the couple had a physical fight on her Instagram live. Yep, it gets even messier!

Ronnie was going OFF on Jen and trying to show her sex tape on the live. He then started getting aggressive and they started physically fighting before the video cut off and now her account has been deleted.

It's scary to watch. Take a look below!


Pray for their daughter because this mess is real.

After Ronnie Ortiz-Magro went on his self-proclaimed "Ronpage" due to his baby mama Jen Harly not willing to delete videos of herself having sex with an ex, she clapped back at the reality star's social media attacks.

She took to her Instagram story again to allege that he was a cokehead and expose their conversation where Ron threatened to show her 11-year-old son a video of her having sex:

Ummm. What the actual fuck. I know Ron isn't the smartest Guido in the gym but I'm pretty sure that's not only fucked up but very illegal. Can you imagine receiving a video from your stepdad of your mom having sex? The mess of it all.

The meathead serial cheater then calmed down and deleted all the messy tea he had posted on his Instagram story and issued her an apology:

After Ron issued his "deepest apologizes" he got BACK on his Instagram story to post some more hate about his baby mama. Holy fuck.

This time he accused her of cheating on him and hashtagged: #ButImTheCheater. Obviously, he was trying to take some of the heat off himself after he was caught getting his dick sucked by a French THOT, while Jen was seven months pregnant, on the latest episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

By the way, the guy she (allegedly) had an affair with on a taco float called her a cum dumpster in the photo above. Wow read that sentence aloud and it puts this whole situation into perspective​. I'm just gonna leave that there...

But there are even more receipts. Following that outburst, Tater Tot Kitty then clapped back again to show that Ron did want to get her pregnant and that it wasn't an accident:

He was probably just caught up in the mood and then realised 3 days later that he probably shouldn't have gotten a hoe from Vegas pregnant. Honestly, these two are just as bad as each other and I'm not sympathetic​ to anyone's side.

Ron and Jen then deleted both their Instagram stories but he kept his apology message up. For now.

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Isn't it interesting that Ronnie's name in her phone changed from Ron to Ron Ron in the space of hours? You would think she'd change his name to Cunt before she changed it to Ron Ron with a cute devil emoji. Do you think she could have faked one of the texts?

Let's just hope that Jen enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame.

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