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Kathy Griffin Says Anderson Cooper Won't Apologise & Shades Andy Cohen (Again)

Kathy Griffin is back and can't find one fuck left to give!

The formerly disgraced comedian appeared on The Wendy Williams Show to spill some serious tea and promote her first comedy tour back in the USA since her Trump photo was released last year.

During the interview, Wendy asked about her relationship with former friends Andy Cohen & Anderson Cooper, where she once again stated that Andy was the "worst boss ever" when she worked at Bravo.

When asked if she would forgive Anderson if he apologised for cutting her out and publically criticising her following the Trump scandal, Kathy adamantly said: "he's not that kind of guy." However, I definitely think she would take him back if he did.

The interview got even juicier when Wendy asked the same question about Andy. Kathy immediately responded by saying "Oh my god he's too busy..." before the sound was cut off and Kathy started spewing the word allegedly. You know it's bad when you have to say allegedly four times.

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Really Wendy, I thought you were Miss Hot Topics and you're not giving us the tea? While it isn't confirmed what she said people are speculating it has something to do with cocaine after she accused him of offering it to her twice. Any lip readers or Wendy audience members, comment below what she said!

Kathy didn't stop there. She also claimed that right after Joan Rivers died he suggested she take over Fashion Police and confronted her about it Joan's funeral, even though he wrote in his book that she dissed him at the funeral.

Andy recently told The Hollywood Reporter that he is waving the white flag in his beef with Kathy saying:

"You know what? I’ve kind of moved on. She seems to hate my guts very strongly. And you know what, that’s her prerogative. Everybody can have someone they hate. If I’m that person for her, so be it.”​

I guess she just burned that white flag to the mother fucking ground. Watch her FULL interview in the video above where she spills the tea on all the craziness that's gone on in the last year!

Who's side are you on? What do you think she said about Andy? Sound off in the comments below!

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