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Andy Cohen Sounds Off On Kathy Griffin Feud & Likens Her To Trump

It seems like Andy Cohen is over this beef, or wants us to at least think he is.

During an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, the big Bravo boss was asked about his publicised beef with former friend Kathy Griffin after he pulled a Mariah Carey and pretended to not know her, while she clapped back accusing him of offering her cocaine and trying to add him to the #MeToo movement

As a result of her constantly talking about the WWHL host, Andy responded in a somewhat diplomatic and optimistic way: 

“She’s like, selling out all these venues. She’s having a huge … she loves to have a comeback, she loves publicity. Everything’s good for her.”

Howard then asked him if he feels used in any way because she's used their feud to sell tickets to her show and promote her career after beinf exiled from Hollywood after the Trump photo mishegas. Andy claimed:

“You know what, if you put it that way … I got the job on CNN, I’m on Bravo all these hours. I get it. So hate me. I’ll be that guy for you, if it makes you happy and gives you peace.... I’m just not going to take it on. I’m at peace. I’m a lover, not a fighter.”

Mmm. This is too nice for my liking. 

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Stern then played back a clip of Kathy on his show where she was talking shit about the Housewives creater. He admitted she reminds him of Trump, which is ironic considering the two polarising figures hate each other.

"I hate to say this, but she really reminds me of Trump. She makes s**t up all the time. She does not assume any responsibility for her own actions. And she does, look I've always watched her comedy for a long time — which is really funny — she always has a list of enemies. She reminds me of Trump. She really does."

Do you think Andy is really over it? Sound off in the comments?

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