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Shade of the Week: Thomas Ravenel

T-Rav's time as one of Bravo's leading men is definitely coming to an end.

During Thomas Ravenel's last five years on television, he's never exactly had the stellar reputation of being a model citizen on Southern Charm. We’ve seen the geriatric dinosaur creep on 94% of the population of girls under 25 in Charleston, lose his temper during the dysfunctional Hot Mess Express that was his relationship with baby mama Kathryn Dennis and let the occasional line of cocaine fall up his nose, so these new allegations aren’t a total surprise. The politician turned felon was born into money and has always had a position of power whether he was a senator, inmate or just another philandering man about town and when you mix those powerful factors with a gross sexual fetish for barely legal girls, it’s the perfect recipe for a #MeToo scandal.

The two (alleged) assaults both occurred in 2015 and range in levels of severity and disgustingness. The first was resolved through mediation where Thomas paid his tinder date $200,000 for digitally penetrating her and the victim’s daughter has since spoken out. The second assault has now been confirmed to have been his nanny who told People she was working late one night when he came home and raped her while his daughter slept nearby. Nanny Dawn later confided in Kathryn about the assault which only added fuel to the Hot Mess Express. This whole situation is even more creepy and uncomfortable when you think of the fact that he's (allegedly) raping women while enjoying primary custody of two small children.

It makes my skin crawl and there's no fun shade or snark that can make light of the revolting reality that's currently going on. Normally I have a way with words but I can’t think of anything other than “disgusting” to describe these stories of abuse. However, something I find more gross and wrong is the way the baggy knee has continuously blamed his victims and the lengths he will go to shut down anyone who tries to combat or contradict his gross sexual ways. FITSNews reported:

"Dawn said Ravenel would often “butt-dial” her, and she could overhear him telling others that she was doing her job poorly, that she was fat, and that she was “poor white trash.”

But this isn’t his first instance of this disturbing behaviour. The Instagram account @notsoutherncharm has kept the old man accountable for his actions and been a victim of his harsh tongue and cruel threats. They have also exposed his obvious link to gossip blog All About The Tea. Don’t you think it’s funny how all their “exclusives” are always Ravenel biased and are more often than not about Kathryn’s drug problem or the way she “bullies” his new girlfriend? Come on. It’s almost laughable how contrived and clear it is that the corrupt site is doing the sugar daddy’s dirty work.

These are just some of the constant vicious headlines. Are these the works of a fan who's a little biased to one side or the result of stories being sold right from the horse's mouth? And by horse, I mean Thomas and his ditzy girlfriend.

His new girlfriend Ashley Jacobs is worthy of her own Shade of the Week but I guess she can be a footnote on her famous sugar daddy's article. Stevie Wonder and Helen Keller could see Thomas' new boo only packed her bags and moved across the country for his deep pockets and reality TV fame after only knowing him for a week. Clearly, the elevator isn't going all the way to the top floor if she wants to be linked to an alleged rapist. But isn't all publicity good publicity? I feel like that saying applies for everything, except you know, rape. The thirsty Californian can continue to blindly support her geriatric partner but it's not going to win her any fans or a Bravo based spinoff in the future.

Thomas needs to take his squinty eyes, disappearing eyebrows, clammy fingers and crawl back into whatever Southern alcoholic misogynist den he came out of.

After all the #MeToo firings that have occurred since October, I don't see any way Bravo and the production company could justify to the public (and their sponsors) why they would keep a twice accused sex offender on one of their biggest reality shows. Especially on a network whose viewership is largely female based and it’s biggest cash cow: The Real Housewives franchise has dozens of women who have told their stories of abuse and it would be a slap in the face to them and every person watching, if Bravo kept the same type of person around. Who knows if he will make it to next season or if he'll even make it to the reunion but we do know that Thomas Ravenel is royally fucked.

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