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Thomas Ravenel's Ex Speaks Out About His Abusive Ways & Trolling Her After Split

Another nail in the Thomas Ravenel coffin!

His ex-girlfriend Luzanne Otte is now speaking out to the Daily Mail about her time with the felon turned reality star and she isn’t lacking on ANY tea!

She first met him through Patricia Altschul who wanted the pair to meet while he was dating his now-girlfriend Ashley Jacobs, who he allegedly broke up with to be with Luzanne. She said he referenced his baby mama Kathryn Dennis when saying this about dumping Ashley:

“I broke up with Ashley. I really want to date you. I don't want to make the same mistake again"

After the couple spent a week together in Santa Barbara last June, Luzanne travelled to Charleston where she attended a strange cocktail party with Thomas at Patricia’s mansion. Kathryn had just gotten out of rehab and Luzanne stated that Thomas seemed “almost sadistic by bringing up her failings and weaknesses.” She went onto say this about the party:

“It was very dark, and it was in the company of three other people, that he said he thought he would be better off if she overdosed. I’ve never heard anyone say that about their worst enemy, much less the mother of their children. I mean aside from the basic human cruelty it was just very disturbing."

Apparently he also brought up his then Nanny Dawn, who eventually accused him of forcibly raping her, because at that time there were rumours the two had sex but he debunked them by claiming he wasn’t attracted to her and saying to the other people in the room “You've seen her, she's not somebody I've have sex with".

Ugh. What a pig.

After the weird party Thomas and Luzanne then returned home where she believed he was fighting with someone on the phone as she was upstairs but she then realised he was yelling at HER and accusing her of fucking his neighbour. She explained the altercation:

“I mean it was just outlandish, bizarre. He was in a total trance. He was very looming, he's a big man, he's intimidating and when he wants to intimidate you he knows exactly how to invoke those characteristics. He likes to tell people he was a wrestler in college. He got right up to me and it seemed like he wanted to fight me, like physically fight me and it was so outlandish I wanted to laugh but my instinct was… don't laugh at him because he's going to hit you if you do.”

HOLY FUCK! That just sounds like the actions of a raging alcoholic. Obviously there was no basis to his claims and he probably doesn’t even remember saying what he had said to Luzanne but he did apologise. However, the fight was enough for her to go to Patricia’s house and stop seeing him.

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Since the couple broke up, he got back together with Ashley and the pair have attacked Luzanne on social media constantly by calling her a fame whore due to her friendship with Kim Kardashian, who she’s known since she was seven. This accusation she finds odd because when Thomas wanted her to be featured on Southern Charm, she refused.

She ended up her lengthy interview saying:

“Thomas is a lost soul. I've never met anyone like him and that's not a compliment. I don’t even have the words to describe how hateful he is and how reckless he is. He needs help.”

Thomas and Ashley continue to attack her on social media (and through All About The Tea.) Patricia is no longer friends with Thomas due to the way he treated Luzanne. Although this isn’t another sexual misconduct allegation, Luzanne’s story just shows the monstrous side of Thomas and what all his significant others have probably dealt with.

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