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Thomas Ravenel Has Been FIRED From Southern Charm

There is a god out there somewhere!

After three women have accused Thomas Ravenel of various levels of abuse, ranging from rape to verbal, it looks like Bravo has finally made a decision about his future on their hit show Southern Charm.

Tamara Tattles is reporting that the network, in conjunction with Haymaker and NBCu, have decided that Thomas will not be returning to season six of the show and will announce his termination after they film the reunion later this month. It's unknown if he will actually attend the reunion or if he'll pull an Adrienne Maloof, but it seems like the ball is in his court.

The reunion taping will be the first time the cast will be allowed to speak publically about the claims as their gag orders will be dropped. The majority of the cast have stayed silent since the stories have begun emerging in the media so I'm dying to hear what they all think, especially the women!

I want Thomas to show up the reunion so the entire cast and the new girl squad AKA Pussy Power Pack, can shut him down and take him to task for his disgusting behaviour. If he doesn't come I'm guessing his girlfriend Ashley Jacobs won't be in attendance either, and we need her to be ended as well.

The reunion would be a great way to finally close the Ravenel chapter for good and give the fans closure so that his presence doesn't hang over onto other seasons.

Are you happy Thomas will be fired? Should he attend the reunion? Sound off in the comments!

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