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Ashley Jacobs Allegedly Outed As Escort On Southern Charm Season Finale

Is anyone really surprised by this?

We all saw a sneak peek of Southern Charm's season five finale in the premiere episode where Kathryn Dennis was fighting with Trashley Jacobs outside an event but now we have some tea on why it happened.

In the trailer you can also see Jennifer ask Austen “did you just call her a hooker?” which is a reference to someone asking Thomas Ravenel if his new girlfriend is an escort during the finale party.

Here's some background to those claims. On this week's Juicy Scoop podcast, Heather McDonald said she heard through the grape vine that Thomas and Trashley allegedly met through Landon Clements because she too was a call girl which is how she met Trashley and her first husband. After she introduced the pair, T-Rav then (allegedly) hired her to be his girlfriend on the upcoming season.

Doesn't that explain why he barely likes her and why she's thirsty to be on the show?

Trashley apparently has a history of dating wealthy older men in Santa Barbara and is a professional gold digger. Just look at her Instagram or Facebook and you'll see old photos of her on private jets and yachts, that a nurse definitely couldn't have paid for. Apparently she actually is a registered hospice nurse which is probably how she met her clients.

In this February 2016 post, long before she met Thomas, she posed next to a private jet with the caption: "By working hard, you get to play hard guilt free."

I'm sure she worked hard but I don't think it was at her day job.

It gets juicier. After they began the show, Thomas apparently wanted to quit during filming but his new girlfriend threatened to expose their situation which is why he continued shooting and looked so fucking miserable all season.

This also supports Luzanne Otte's tea who claimed that Thomas broke up with Trashley to date her but after she dumped him for verbally abusing her, he then took the alleged escort back.

IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! That's the tea about Trashley's past and it looks like it comes out in the finale and probably will be discussed at length at the reunion. Thomas isn't attending because of his sexual assault allegations but his girlfriend will apparently still go without him.

What do you think about this tea? Sound off in the comments!

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