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Southern Charm Season 5 Reunion Tea

This reunion sounds like it will be like no other.

Last week the entire cast of Southern Charm assembled in New York to film their fifth reunion of the hit show and it seems that after five years on TV, they have finally become as dramatic as their other Bravo counterpart shows with Andy Cohen even hinting they may have enough footage for a three part reunion, which means more money in their pockets!

The resident alleged rapist of the group, Thomas Ravenel, did not make an appearance on the reunion special due to not being invited by Bravo which officially confirms he won't be back on the show ever again. The sexual assault allegations will definitely be talked about because it's the hottest topic about the show right now, but it's unknown what was said. However, his girlfriend Trashley Jacobs did show up in a bid to try and solidify her return to the show next season but without Thomas, much like her sugar daddy I think we can all see that she will never ever be on our Bravo screens ago.

According to Tamara Tattles, exes Craig & Naomie had an explosive fight at the beginning of the taping where she "unleashed" on him which he replied by declaring that she is a fake person living a lie. Damn Craig. Those two will never stop fighting and now that she's dating her cute doctor boo I don't think they'll be getting back together either.

The same sources are also claiming that Kathryn and Cameran had a reconciliation at the reunion. The new mom apparently started crying because she didn't support her for all those years and understands her after they've grown closer. The site continued by stating that:

"Cameran broke down in tears to Kathryn about how she understands her so much better now that she’s a mother. Cameran and Kathryn are genuinely friends now and plan to schedule more play dates with their children."

I think we are definitely in for some cute playdate scenes in season six.

Apart from Craig & Naomie's drama, Kathryn and Cameran's moment together and the love triangle situation between Austen his annoying girlfriend and Chelsea, the only thing left was Trashley's arrival on the set. Page Six reported that she arrived at 8am for a 5pm call time. She was brought out right at the end for a segment that lasted three hours and didn't discuss her boyfriend's sexual assault allegations. She fought off rumours of her being an escort and doubled down on everything she said about Kathryn in Hilton Head.

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Tamara Tattles claimed Andy, the cast and production were all annoyed at her during the sit down for taking in "nonsensical circles" and not owning her behaviour. Apparently she also tried to blame Patricia Altschul for making her go after Kathryn which was only met with anger from the rest of the cast who stood up for Pat, who is now friends with Kathryn after Luzanne Otte told her about Thomas' disgusting ways. The group told her:

"Not only does she need to be accountable for her behavior, they are literally watching her die before their eyes."

She's VERY skinny and she apparently attributed it to the stress from filming and social media following the show airing. Andy even said that he was so shocked by Trashley's behaviour during the reunion and her total lack of remorse and claimed he's never seen someone that crazy on all the Bravo shows he's worked on.

And he's got a point, to this day Trashley is still creating fake accounts on Twitter and Instagram to attack Kathryn and has allegedly lost all her old friends from Santa Barbara. The only reason she still has Thomas is from all the blackmail she has on him. As crazy as she is it's getting really sad and scary to watch.

Following the reunion the cast went out for Chelsea's birthday while Trashley allegedly hung out with "two friends" as she posted on Instagram, who turned out to be production assistants sent to monitor her to make sure she was okay after they could see she was mentally unstable, according to TT sources.

THAT IS A LOT OF TEA! There are only three episodes left before the reunion.

Are you excited from all this tea? Sound off in the comments!

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