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6 Reasons To Watch Shahs Of Sunset's Seventh Season

These Persians of Beverly Hills always make great reality TV with their designer clothes, fiery tempers, drunk antics and over the top Middle Eastern behaviour, but this season will be a lot different as two of their long standing cast members were demoted and replaced with a couple of newer Shahs. Last season wasn't their best and due to the cast shakeup you may not be completely sold on why you should waste an hour of your life every week by tuning into the Bravo show, but here are the best reasons why you have to watch Shahs Of Sunset's new season:

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1. Cast Shakeup

Following Asa's shady behaviour regarding her pregnancy last season her friendships with the Shahs still haven't been mended which led for her to be demoted and will be only featured in ONE scene with Adam this season. Shervin was also made a friend which paved the way for Destiney and newbie Nema to upgraded into full time positions which should give the show some fresh blood and liven up the line up to keep everyone on their feet. Meeting new reality stars can be annoying but let's hope that these new Shahs have big personalities and strong livers.

2. MJ's Wedding

This season will be Mercedes Javid's season. The 40-something vodka induced cast members will be walking down the aisle for the first time ever this season after her fiance Tommy proposed, which means a lot considering her mother Vida dedicating years to poison her mind against marriage. Bravo always throws a good wedding special but I'm more excited for the Bacherlotte party - if you are going to watch for one reason, watch for her nupitals and her pre-wedding turn up because that's where drama and messy antics will ensue.

3. Golnesa's Divorce

GG's relationship is fucked up. She married her husband Shalom, got a divorce, got back together, got a restraining order and now it seems like they are finally done. Who doesn't love watching a hot mess relationship on our screens, at least it's not ours. Fucked up relationships are a staple of any good reality show and you may be seeing some Good Tea headlines pop up for this storyline as well. That's one reason why I'll DEFINITELY be watching!

4. GG vs MJ These two BFF's have been fighting like sisters for years and we saw from the trailer that they have (at least) two more potenially violent blowups later this season. I live for a good Mercedes and Golnesa bickering fight and at least there will be some drama. These two OGs know how to deliver when they need to and I think we can all get ready for MJ threatening to uninvite GG to her wedding or Golnesa threatening to not go. Would you expect anything else?

5. Reza vs Mike

Another pair of friends who can't help but fight: are Mike and Reza. These two "brothers" have been getting in each other's way for years and it seems like they are both still fighting with each other in the upcoming seventh season in the trailer as they have an explosive (almost physical) argument in what seems to be Vegas. Fiery Persian fights are the best and it looks like we'll be getting a few from these two this season.

6. Choking On MJ's Dad

Reza and Mercede's friendship has been the cornerstone of this show since the very beginning and due to this being MJ's season to shine with her wedding and father's death, you can bet we will be seeing a lot of fun between the drunken BFFs. In the trailer we see them spread her father's ashes and then subsequently choke... on her dad. Only these two could make such a hard time funny and who wouldn't wanna see someone choke on their dad?!

Shahs Of Sunset premieres August 2nd at 9/8c on Bravo! Check out the epic trailer below to get ready for a drama filled season!