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Austen Kroll Shades Chelsea Meissner & Exposes Victoria's Stalking Ways

Don't drink and Instagram kids!

This fresh faced Bravo star must be taking advice from the Brandi Glanville Handbook on how get drunk and then go on social media because Austen Kroll was spilling ALL the tea about his infamous relationships that we've seen on Southern Charm. Seriously, I never expected the beer fanatic to really go there - but he did.

On a recent Instagram photo a fan commented "Thank god he's not with Victoria" which caused him to call her a nightmare and divulge all the juicy scoop about their relationship.

Apparently at the dinner he referenced on this week's episode where he told his then girlfriend Victoria how Chelsea hugged him at his party, she not only threw a drink on him but then followed him home and threw a rock at his window so he called the cops - which was the THIRD time she had a freak out like that.

Why wasn't Bravo filming that night, and how did that story not make the show? It kind of makes me like her boring ass more.

That wasn't all. After he spilled that tea another fan basically asked why he wasn't with his ex girlfriend Chelsea Meissner and he blantaly revealed that he needs a woman with a sex drive. SHOTS FIRED. Couldn't he say that on the show? That explains a lot and it's totally believable because she seems like the girl that would be too tired to fuck you.

It probably won't be long until Austen deletes the comments from his page but screenshots last a lifetime. I'm just hoping for a second round of his drinking and tweeting!

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