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Jim Bellino Threatening To Sue Tamra Judge & Shannon Beador

What ever happened to freedom of speech?

If Tamra Judge's live interview on Heather McDonald's Juicy Scoop Podcast did get her in enough trouble when she joked Lydia McLaughlin's husband should come out of the closet, now her AND Shannon Beador may have both landed themselves in legal trouble for talking (true) trash about another disgruntled former house husband.

TMZ obtained letters sent from Jim Bellino's attorney to both Tamra & Shannon where he is threatening to sue them. In Tamra's letter, he wants to sue her for calling him a "shady mother****er" who's going to jail and calling his recent divorce with Alexis Bellino, his wife of 12 years, "fake and for legal reasons."

So Jim's answer to Tamra saying this was to start some more shady legal action? The lawyers must have known where to address the letter to because he infamously did the same thing when she called his ex-wife "Jesus Jugs" at the RHOC season seven reunion.

In Shannon's letter, he's claiming she "defamed" his old trampoline business when she spoke about it shutting down and joked she heard people had been paralysed there. Did he listen to the same podcast because that was a funny comment people forgot 83 seconds later?

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Jim is apparently very open to going through with the case and is prepared to even take it to court if they "don't stop lying," publish full retractions and apologies for their statements on the podcast earlier this week.

Oh god. What a fucking mess. By suing these two ladies all he's doing is bringing MORE attention to the issue that everyone would have forgotten about anyway, it makes him definitely look guilty of getting a divorce for shady reasons AND he's just wasting money at the same time. Even if Shannon and Tamra do issue retractions and say sorry for hurting his feelings everyone is going to know they only did it to avoid getting sued and not from a genuine place, so it doesn't help him anyway. What a massive waste of time for everyone!

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