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James Kennedy Blasts Kristen Doute After She Accused Him Of Cheating On Raquel

At least we know she's still on the show!

The cast of Vanderpump Rules are currently filming their seventh season of the truly hit show and it looks like DJ James Kennedy is doing his best to leak some of the forecoming drama that we can expect later this year on Bravo.

Kristen Doute launched her new t-shirt line James Mae and hopefully this t-shirt storyline makes her have a bigger role in the upcoming season because everyone wants more Kristen "Suck A Dick" Doute on their screens. She spoke to Us Weekly at the event and stated that she believes her ex James has been unfaithful towards his current girlfriend Raquel and said she should "run really hard and really fast":

“Do I think James has been faithful to Raquel? No. Exactly what I said on the reunion last season, I absolutely not. I haven’t changed my mind since the reunion, but I also don’t surround myself with James. I don’t think there’s anything he could do to make me change my mind about the way I felt last year.”​

Well, James must have gotten wind of her talking shit about his unfaithful ways either from someone at the event or maybe Us Weekly even reached out for comment because BEFORE the article was published he slammed Kristen and her boyfriend Carter in some cruel tweets claming she's a cheating lunatic with a lost soul and that no one would care if Carter got hit up a car.

Damn poor Carter, how did he get dragged into this? Take a look at his random (and now deleted) rant:

I wouldn't be surprised if James got fined for his tweets by revealing part of the new season because lots of Bravolebrities, like Kelly Dodd, have been fined by the network for giving away too much information before the show airs. He said all she does is "scream and yells everywhere she goes," so I'm hoping for an exciting season!

Who's side are you on? Sound off in the comments!