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Shep Rose Spills The Tea About His Hookups With Kathryn Dennis

Andy Cohen gets the tea out of everybody!

On Monday night Shep Rose appeared on Watch What Happens Live, in what feels like his 50th clubhouse visit this year. He's one of Andy's favourites like Dorinda Medley and Erika Jayne who sh0w up constantly, but luckily he did because the reality star spilled some serious tea.

A few episodes ago on Southern Charm, Kathyrn Dennis revealed she and Shep hooked up more than one time and after some invasive questions Shep gave the world we all wanted to hear. He said they've hooked up six or seven times and they were each others booty call until she began dating her baby daddy and Whitney again?!

Yeah, I confused about the Whitney aspect too but I guess she hooked up with Shep in season one before she originally got with Whitney - unless she went back for seconds with him too and we just don't know about it.

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That wasn't all. He also said she started sleeping over so often he had to wash his sheets from her makeup and fake tan, so they'd have showers together AND that she did have a sleep over with Criag Conover for two nights but he didn't try anything. The only thing left tell us what positions they fucked in...

Kathryn later tweeted admitting she didn't watch the show but saw on Twitter that Shep has been running his mouth. Obviously she doesn't care about him being open about their sex life together so that's good at least!

Watch the video above to see Shep answer all those questions and more!

Do you think they should become a couple? Sound off in the comments!

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