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Trashley Jacobs Accuses Kathryn Dennis Of Getting An Abortion

This is one dehydrated bitch!

After the epic blowup in tonight's season five Southern Charm finale, obviously Trashley Jacobs and Kathryn Dennis aren't in a good place and after the disgusting things that Trashley said about her on national TV, it's not very surprising.

However, before the finale aired a text message emerged where Trashley accused her sugar daddy's baby mama of having an abortion while she was in rehab. She announced this in a group chat on Instagram and I assume some in the chat posted this tea for the world to see.

According to what Trashley is allegeding, Kathryn had to leave rehab early to get an abortion after she fell pregnant to someone to Thomas' polo team. Obviously the alleged escort doesn't have the best crediablity and has NOTHING to lose at this point so I really don't buy the bullshit she's trying to sell.

But if even if this happens to be true... So what? Why shame someone for getting an abortion? It's Kathryn's body, it's Kathryn's choice. I don't see how it is a bad thing that when she was in rehab she didn't want to have to care for yet another life. It's the responsible thing, it would be worse if she was pregnant during rehab. Once again just makes Trashley look even worse.

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Everytime she thinks she has a smoking gun against Kathryn she just shoots herself in the leg and looks 10 times worse than she did before. And she can't say she didn't say it because it has her Instagram handle attached, but knowing her she'll double down on the claims anyway!

Do you believe her? Sound off in the comments!

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