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Kathryn & Thomas' Feud Has Been Reignited

We knew it wouldn't last that long.

Last week, Thomas Ravenel posted a (now deleted) photo on his Instagram of him with his children with a weird caption almost explicity outlining his new 50/50 custody agreement with the mother of his children Kathryn Dennis.

Well, Kathryn must have been scrolling through Instagram and saw his passive aggressive caption which prompted her to leave her own very passive aggressive comment below the photo saying: “Wow, a little specific don’t you think?”

Shortly after her comment the photo was completely deleted. Radar Online is reporting that Kathryn texted Thomas to take down the photo because she thought it put their children's safety in danger just for the sake of him to throw shade:

“Kathryn texted Thomas to tell him to take the photo down. She thought Thomas was jeopardizing the kids’ safety just to be mean with his comments. They are not really getting along right now.”​

The shitty caption and weird Instagram feud was just the public side of their recently reignited feud. They've recently been posting lots of co-parenting photos on Instagram but now it seems like they are back to their fighting ways. According to Radar, Kathryn still hasn't signed the new custody deal and is "holding up the settlement."

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She apparently wants to wait until the investigation of his sexual abuse allegations are over to sign any agreement because if he gets formally charged with rape then Kathryn will most likely get FULL CUSTODY of those two kids, what judge is going to allow a predator around minors?

Kween Kathryn is currently also in Los Angeles on a trip at the moment which has been a "point of contention" for the ex-couple. Probably because Kathryn has been hanging out with Patricia Altschul and Luzanne Otte, Thomas' ex-girlfriend who accused him of being verbally abusive. Between the Instagram shade, their custody battle and Kathryn joining forces with Thomas' enemies (and my heroes) shit is bound to get ugly!

What do you think about this situation? Sound off in the comments!

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