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Carole Radziwill Quit RHONY Because Of Bethenny Frankel

It looks like RHONY is still "The Bethenny Show."

On Wednesday, Carole Radziwill shocked everyone with the announcement she would be leaving The Real Housewives of New York City for season eleven because she wants to return to her journalism roots but now we have the real (and more believable) tea on why the Writer Girl isn't coming back.

An inside source (Dorinda Medley) spoke to the Daily Mail and made it clear that the cast would must rather Carole stay than Bethenny Frankel and confirmed she left the show because of her beef with her former BFF. The "source" called Bethenny a liar and a bully and said she picks a victim to go after every year:

"Every year she picks a victim and wants to destroy them. This year she had two victims - Carole and Dorinda. Both women have done nothing to her but they've been treated terribly."

They also spoke about her constant product promotion and how she is always edited in the best light possible which of course annoys the other women and makes it hard for them to play on the same level. Dorinda must be PISSED:

"She wants to discredit everyone for their accomplishments. All of the cast had successful lives before the show. Carole was an accomplished news producer and writer. Bethenny only became successful because of the show and EVERY year we have to listen to her promote her brand The cast is furious that Bethenny gets away with her bad behavior. She is edited in the best possible light so viewers don't see what the cast and the producers see. We'd all prefer for Carole to stay and Bethenny to leave. She can take her skinny jeans and cold cuts and go. No one will miss her."

THIS IS SO JUICY! Carole had almost the entire cast on her side against Bethenny, so couldn't they just use their power to get Bethenny off the show, or better yet, go against her in the next season? If you listen to Heather McDonald's Juicy Scoop Podcast interview with Dorinda it's almost identical to the "insiders" quotes which I love. Shitty on your enemy through a "source" is a classicHousewives power move.

Would you rather Carole or Bethenny leave? Sound off in the comments!

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