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Kenya Moore "Punished" By Producers With Savage 90% Season 11 Pay Cut

The RHOA producers are definitely the messiest of any city.

The upcoming season began filming a few weeks ago in Miami where all the girls came together to celebrate NeNe Leakes but Kenya Moore's job was still not confirmed because the producers offered her a pay cut to film the same amount of work with it her position being unknown, she wanted more money but Bravo declined.

Kenya really was the drama source of the show and ever since it was confirmed she wouldn't be returning to the show she has been doing THE MOST to fire back at the messy producers and make her worth known. She went on a Twitter rant on Monday which confirmed Bravo wanted to give her a pay cut and is making it known that she's pissed about walking away from the show in a power play for more money.

Now LoveBScott is reporting from "an inside source" which means Kenya, that she is being punished by the producers for getting married off camera so they offered her a 90% pay cut to film for the same amount of time which the pregnant Housewife didn't accept:

“Bravo execs are demanding Kenya film her pregnancy journey with her husband and stay on a full ‘housewife’ filming schedule, but punish her by cutting her salary 90% and paying her as a ‘friend’. We’re told her husband has agreed to film this season only to support Kenya but they won’t give her a fair contract. All this because they want to publicly humiliate Kenya for not getting married on TV and her husband for not filming the entire season.”​

Her Bravo career isn't dead because they aren't that far along in filming for Kenya to return to the show and @therealhousewiveofatlanta Instagram account also reported that Miss Moore could possibly return. She's been spending time with Cynthia, Kandi and even Porsha OFF camera who would definitely want her to return because she'll deliver the drama while they can sit back and watch.

It seems like Kenya is doing the most via social media to show Bravo that she deserves more money, but it's in their court if they decide to give her the money. Apparently she has three networks who are offering to film a spinoff of her life if Bravo doesn't come through with the goods.

Bravo may even ask her back because season 11 is shaping up to be quite the snooze fest. The majority of the group like each other, NeNe's storyline will be about Gregg's cancer, Cynthia & Porsha both have new men and Frick's man may or may not be a drug dealer in Detroit. These Atlanta women LOVE their criminals! Eva Marcille is also planning her wedding and (allegedly) showing up to filming high which is pissing off the other women. Maybe that could be her storyline?

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As for the new additions: Tanya Sam refused to sign a contract and won't be on the show, however, the other test girl Shamari DeVoe did sign on but it's unknown if she'll make the cut when the show starts. Sheree Whitfield also confirmed she was offered a friend role for this season but declined and is happy concentrating on her She by Sheree Joggers due out in September. A MESS!

Kenya isn't completely gone at this point but let's hope Bravo pay up so that she doesn't have to run over to VH1 or WeTV to show us her life. Love her or hate her, it's cruel and unfair what the producers are doing to her and I love that Kenya is standing her ground and not letting them get her down. YAS TWIRL!

Do you want her to return? Sound off in the comments!

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