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Danielle Staub's Husband Majorly Shades Her Amid Split Rumours

It looks like he's finally seen the side of Danielle Staub we all know!

After their initial divorce rumours made headlines due to her husband Marty Caffrey announcing their split in an Instagram comment, it appears they are still living together under the same roof in New Jersey but I'm not sure for how long.

Following the first wave of press surrounding this scandal, Marty released a THREE-PAGE statement to Radar Online, detailing the "financial, verbal and emotional abuse" he's dealt with at the hands of his wife and claims her birthday was the tipping point of what destroyed their two month marriage.

He confirmed he hasn't filed for divorce. Apparently Danielle is the one mad at Marty, even though he feels wronged by her:

"She says she needs me to change and she wants to not be treated in a certain way? All this means is she wants me to conform to her wishes and demands with little of no objections. Don't ask questions. Then I’d be the perfect guy for her. Danielle’s typically looks to place blame at somebody else’s feet. It's difficult for her take responsibility for anything. Notice she says that she’ll accept me back under conditions that I change. But also notice that she doesn’t say anything about how she's committed to making changes in how she treats me and my family in order for me to take HER back? "

Her birthday party was the event which destroyed their marriage for good but he also claims Danielle never liked his children due to their disapproval of him dating her due to how she acted on the early seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey:

"Her birthday party was the tipping point. I was left completely in the dark. I wasn’t allowed to know who was invited. My family and friends were left out until the last minute only because I kept pressing the issue. There was no intention of including my family or friends. But I was expected to pay for it. Which I refused to do. This arrogant, disrespectful, presumptuous and entitled attitude I find disturbing. All of this is why I did not attend. You want to throw a self-indulgence, attention seeking party for yourselves, want me to pay for it, but I’m not allowed to know anything about it or to ask any questions? What world do you live in?

I understand why Danielle didn't like my kids because of their initial disapproval of me dating her because of their perception of her from TV of the early seasons. Seasons I have never watched. But I chose Danielle. I kept on dating her, proposed to her and then married her. She won! But she offers no path forward to allow my children back into my life. Yes I see them but I do it alone and not with my wife. There's has to be a middle ground."

Although they are having problems and he took the time to write a massive statement to a trashy blog, he claims he is still open to mending his (two month) marriage to Danielle and owns his part in their troubled relationship:

“I certainly have made some mistakes and I own them. Sometimes I have embarrassed her and for those times I’ve apologized and I will continue to do so,” he says. “She, nor anybody else, never deserves to be treated poorly … I have many faults. I’ve often asked her to admit we both have 50 percent blame and we can go from there, but all we talk about is my 50 percent, which makes it 100 percent my fault.”


After the tirade went public, Danielle's "people" released a statement to respond to her husband's words. Why are they releasing fucking statements? They live together can't they sort out their issues without the help of Radar Online:

“Danielle is very disappointed that Marty spent time composing a three-page statement for the media but won’t sit down and talk with her about the situation,” we’re told. “She is also disappointed that he seems much more concerned about press coverage than he does about his marriage.”​

The only person who loves "press coverage" more than Marty is Danielle, so take SEVERAL seats.

Who do you believe? Sound off in the comments below!

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