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Thomas Ravenel & Trashley Jacobs Are Officially Over

Their reign of terror is over.

After becoming the most toxic couple in reality TV history due to Thomas Ravenel's outstanding manipulation skills and Trashley Jacob's thirst for fame and a sugar daddy, they have officially broken up and are no longer together only a week after the final Southern Charm reunion episode aired.

Reality TV enthusiast Kate Casey announced on her podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey she had been in contact with Trashley to try and get more insight into their reality show drama and make her realise her real enemy is Thomas and not Kathryn Dennis who she had attacked all season.

Following Kate constantly reminding Trashley of what a horrible human being Thomas is and making her realise the mind control she's been under, Miss Jacobs confirmed she had broken up with Thomas and blocked his number. Apparently she has no interest in getting back together although she is currently still living in Charleston, where she's a registered nurse:

"She's (Trashley) told me that she broke up with him and that she blocked his number but she's in a weird position because she changed her licensing to be a nurse in South Carolina."

I guess we can all thank Kate Casey for putting an end to the complete and utter fuckery that was the abusive union of Thomas and Trashley.

This situation can either end with Trashley going away quietly or airing ALL of the dirty Ravenel laundry she has learned during her relationship with the felon turned reality star turned potenial felon again. She (allegedly) has a copy of a sex tape of Thomas which includes lesbians, cocaine and a dildo up his ass, so if he pisses her off in any way then I think we can expect to see Thomas spread wide open pretty soon.

Trashley or Ashley, you've got no spot on reality TV at this point and nothing to lose, just release all the tea you have on Thomas and put a few more nails into his already vaccum sealed shut coffin. At least go out with an iconic bang!

Do you think the break up will last? Sound off in the comments!

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