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Kourtney Kardashian Dumped Younes Bendjima A MONTH AGO After He Cheated

The plot thickens!

After we reported Kourtney Kardashian had dumped her barely legal boo Younes Bendjima, it now seems their split may have occured some time ago and we are only just hearing about it now. Mmm, is it a coincidence that the news of their split became public the week of the KUWTK season 15 premiere? I see you, Kris Jenner!

TMZ is now reporting that Kourtney and her Algerian boo returned from their Italy trip and he then went on another trip without her and cheated. She found out and broke up with him a month ago during the second week of July. What is it about Kourtney that all the men in her life cheat on her?

It was shortly after this break up that Younes shaded her booty photo on Instagram. It all makes sense now.

Whether the 24-year-old rebounded with professional THOT Jordan Ozuna in Mexico this week doesn't matter anymore because he and Kourtney had split a month earlier anyway! However, another source told TMZ distance was the reason for the breakup and not cheating.

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Other media outlets reported the couple went on a break and the Mexico THOT photos were when Kourtney finally called it quits but this new TMZ report totally contradicts that. Eh, no matter how it happened they are over and my Tyler Henry powers don't see a reconciliation in their future.

What version of events do you believe? Sound off in the comments!

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