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Thomas Ravenel Attempts To Subtly Shade Kathryn Dennis In The Media

What a fucking reach.

Does Page Six really think we are that stupid? They released an article titled "Kathryn Dennis really doesn’t like the women in Thomas Ravenel’s life" about an irrelevant 2014 police report where no charges were ever laid. During Thomas' 2014 campaign Kathryn allegedly attacked a campaign staff worker Cameron Grace Sepulveda.

The worker accused her of assault and the initial Charleston Police Department record reads:

“Ms. Sepulveda stated that Ms. Dennis attempted to strike her with a closed first in her face but missed, barely grazing Ms. Sepulveda’s forehead as she was passing by. Ms. Sepulveda stated that Ms Dennis was in the company of Thomas Ravenel when the incident took place. Ms. Sepulveda stated that she used to work on Mr. Ravenel’s campaign.”​

According to the court documents a second witness claimed Thomas warned Cameron she was going to be hit before Kathryn tried to hit her. The campaign worker decided not to press charges and the investigation was stopped.

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This is such a redundant story to be published FOUR YEARS after an event where nothing really happened. Couldn't the press have gotten a hold of the documents when the assault actually unfolded? This story is a nothing burger, the more interesting tea is who is behind it.

As we reported, Thomas and Kathryn's feud has been reiginited after she refused to sign the custody agreement before his sexual assault investigation is finalised and was spotted hanging out with Patricia Altschul and Luzanne Otte (Thomas' enemies) in LA. Are we supposed to believe their feud has nothing to do with this lame article? Obviously he's mad at his baby mama and is reverting to selling stories to the press to defame her (again).

Is this really the best Thomas can do? If a police report that never even led anywhere is all he has on her then he should really stop trying now. And for any of you Thomas Ravenel sympathisers out there who else would sell an exclusive of something that happened in 2014 to Page Six? Maybe Trashley Jacobs but they've allegedly broken up for now, so who knows.


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