Tristan Thompson Caught Getting Handsy With Mystery Woman

Will he ever not be a pig?

Following the INSANE cheating scandal earlier this year where Tristan Thompson's very dirty ways were exposed in front of the world days before his baby mama Khloe Kardashian was set to give birth to their first child together, it seems like the NBA player still hasn't learnt his lesson.

On August 9th he was teaching a basketball camp in Toronto and a shady employee at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre, where the camp was held, told Radar Online that the serial cheater and his crew were spotted with a young woman who was definitely not the only woman who should've been there: Khloe. The source said:

"There was a woman in Tristan’s entourage and it wasn’t Khloe. They looked like more than friends because he had his hand on her lower back when they arrived. There was definitely something there."

The insider continued to report on the mess and said the player was "anxious" to finish teaching the class so that he could be with his latest travelling THOT. He is more of a player off the court than he is on it.

"She was a beautiful, young girl who looked as if she could be a model,” the employee continued. “She, along with one of his security detail, stayed in the locker room while he taught camp. He appeared to be in a hurry to get back to his female companion because he jetted out of the center the minute it was over."

It doesn't matter if his BBC went inside her or not, after his disgusting behaviour that we all saw ON TAPE he should not be allowed near anyone with a vagina especially on an out of town trip which was where he was fucking all those hoes last time. And why were his hands on her lower back AKA ass?

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Once a cheater, always a cheater and this just shows he has no respect for Khloe at all. Hopefully she leaves him this time but we all know she won't and he'll continue to fuck every THOT this side of the Mississippi. Khloe was spotted displaying PDA with him a club last night so it confirms where she stands. Do you think she could taste the other girl?

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