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Shade of the Week: Trashley Jacobs

I've wanted to crown Trashley Jacobs as my Shade of the Week ever since her skinny ass waltzed into Charleston as Thomas Ravenel's latest bimbo to try and score some camera time and a few extra Instagram followers. I never liked her from the moment she entered in those way too short shorts, but not even I could've predicted the shit storm that would have ensued these last few months. I decided to wait into the final part of the reunion aired so I could shade Little Miss Trash in her entirety and close this fucked up chapter once and for all.

Yes, Trashley is the worst and her only fans are anyone without Bravo and her disabled patients she continues to take illegal pictures with. I can't think of a positive of actually being Trashley. She's dating a known rapist, she gets several messages to go kill herself every day, the whole world thinks she's crazy, she has no friends and her reality TV future doesn't seem promising given the fact that her boyfriend was fired from the show and the entire remaining cast hate her. Trashley has fucked herself more than a pornstar at a sex convention and there's no way to get out of the hole that she's dug for herself. In my 54890 hours of reality TV viewing, I've never felt as sick and angry as I did watching Trashley completely destroy Kween Kathryn and say the vilest things you can say to another human being, let alone a mother who has dealt with the pain of having their children taken away.

Yes, Kathryn did drugs and got her children taken away. Those are facts that will be documented for the rest of her life, but Trashley's boyfriend was convicted of drug charges, sent to prison and is now being accused of rape, so which parent holds the moral high ground exactly? People living in glass houses should not throw stones but that was Trashley's only form of defence all system. Every time she ever had a smoking gun against Kathryn, or a nugget of information she thought would expose her, it just completely backfired and showed the world Trashley's true colours. It's hard to defend Trashley because she hasn't shown any remorse for her actions and doesn't have one redeeming quality in her entire gold digging body, but like she doesn't want us to forgot that Kathryn had her children taken away, let's not forgot that she's being mind fucked by Thomas.

T-Rash, as they've come to be known, are (probably) the most toxic couple in reality TV history, which is a hard title to hold but they are fucked up enough to be crowned several times over. If the reunion highlighted one thing it was how Trashley is clearly in an abusive relationship. She blames herself for Thomas' outbursts, makes excuses for everything he does and spreads the propaganda he wants her to spread. Trashley wasn't coming for Kathryn all season because she wanted to go to a two-year-old's birthday party. Trashley was coming for Kathryn because Thomas brainwashed her little bird brain into believing the bullshit he was saying about his baby mama so that he could play nice on the sidelines with Kathryn while still getting at least one person to defame her character. Everything Trashley has done has been at the hands of Thomas. He's got his hand up her skinny ass and is just talking for her at this point and it's so pathetic that he hasn't had to answer for any of his bad behaviour. He sent Trashley out to defend both of them at the reunion while he got to sit home in Charleston and probably think of ways to scare her, because that's what they do right?

As controlling and manipulative as Thomas is, he doesn't even want Little Miss Trash around. You can see the hatred in his eyes every time she opens her mouth and he should be a real man and just break things off with her, however, as we all know Thomas has no balls and Trashley has gotten way to close to back away now. T-Rat has been a known bachelor of the south for his entire life and definitely has some deep, dark secrets we don't even know about. Now that the protection of chauvinistic pigs has started to decline since the #MeToo movement, part of his behaviour has been revealed, but can you imagine the things Trashley would have on him? Word on the curb is that Trashley got her hands on a racy sex tape of Thomas with cocaine, lesbians and a dildo up his own ass. No wonder he keeps her around! At this point, Trashley and her 5150 ways have nothing to lose. She has no reality TV career and leaking this tape is probably the one thing to make people like her but I don't see her turning on him this quickly. The only way this relationship is ending will be with one of them in handcuffs or a body bag.

I don't know where we go from here. The new season starts shooting in September and T-Rash won't be back, which I have mixed emotions about. I don't think sexual predators and rapists should be allowed on our screens, so that makes me happy we won't have to look at Thomas and his saggy knee of a face on Bravo ever again, however, although Trashley was fucking nuts she really did make this season of Southern Charm entertaining. What drama would there have been without her? This is a group of friends who like each other and maybe we need Trashley popping in every now and again to make some drama ensue. If she's not going to be on the show I just want her to go back to California, shut down her social media, find a sugar daddy to steal money off and never be heard from again. Oh, and Thomas should go back to Cell Block B. After the reunion, I feel sorry for her more than anything because of the Scientology-level mind control she is under, but then she opens her mouth and I remember, she's still a cunt.

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