Trashley Jacobs Finally Apologises To Kathryn Dennis

Are we really supposed to believe this?

After Trashley Jacobs annihilated who Kathryn Dennis is as a mother during the latest season of Southern Charm, calling her a bad mom after she wasn’t invited to her son’s second birthday party, the sugar baby now wants us to know she’s sorry for her behaviour.

In her recent Instagram post (thanks to my nosey followers who sent me it because I’m definitely blocked from viewing) she posted a lengthy apology note saying sorry to not only Kathryn but fans of the show. Take a look below:

It’s VERY interesting this tea comes after she broke up with Thomas Ravenel, so is she finally seeing the light or is she trying to secure her spot on the show for next season? Who the fuck knows!

During the show, when it was airing, through the reunion and even after the reunion had aired Trashley continued to double down on her disgusting ways, so it’s a little redundant her apology has come now. Whether it’s sincere or not Kathryn will never forgive her and neither will the fans.

Too little, too late.

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