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Trashley Jacobs Fights With Naomie Olindo While On Date With Mystery Man

Does this guy not own a TV?

Although it seemed earlier this week that Trashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel may have reconciled, only a few days earlier she was spotted with a mystery man in a Charleston bar.

Last week, only a day after she confirmed her break up, FITS News is reporting the former sugar baby was spotted on a date with a "younger, more muscular Thomas Ravenel with an odd hipster haircut."

Her new man is Ryan Trout who according to the site is:

"The 39-year-old former University of Virginia soccer player describes himself on Instagram as “Philly born and raised, UVA Grad and former soccer player, living in Charleston SC." He is the marketing manager for his family’s company."

While he is more age appropriate, he did in fact dress up as Trashley's ex years ago for Halloween which is creepy as fuck.

During their date they were caught getting handsy with each other, with him wrapping his arm around her and her even grabbing his butt. A sneaky source snapped a photo of the pair at a Charleston bar:

Trashley's date wasn't the only newsworthy thing she did that night, the wannabe reality star run into Naomie Olindo who was on a double date (not with Trashley) at the same bar where she was. Sources are saying Trashley apparently went up to their table and "spoke rudely" using "foul language" to try and draw attention to the situation.

Naomie apparently left the bar after her run in with Trashley. Maybe Trashley's goal with Ryan was soley to make her geriatric ex jealous because they did have lunch only days later. Although Trashley is still making headlines it's been confirmed she won't be on the next season of Southern Charm.

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