Denise Richards Allegedly Already Feuding With Erika Jayne In RHOBH Season 9

Can we have a season where Erika doesn't hate the new girl?

After it was announced that Denise Richards would officially be joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the producers were allegedly worried the women would be too nice because of her celebrity status and Radar Online is reporting they told all the ladies "not to be afraid to raise hell."

That's production speak for create some good drama. According to the site, the producers want entertaining television after THREE years of the show's super boring storylines and little drama:

"Producers have told them they want the drama and not to hold back," the insider told Radar. “Basically, they don’t want them to be kissing her ass.”

Denise is allegedly making $1 million in her first season with the possibility of being on for four years. This doesn't mean she will definitely be on for four seasons it just means the terms of her contract will be renegotiated if she stays on past that time. It's the same with most Housewives contracts.

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However, her massive check could be a source of anger among the other ladies, Erika Jayne is apparently pissed and made it clear to production that she will not kiss her ass saying:

“Erika has already stood up and said she’d treat Denise the same as anyone else,” the insider revealed. “She said, ‘If I don’t like her, I don’t like her.’”

Apparently they're hoping she'll go "toe to toe" with the newcomer. Ugh. Really? This will be the THIRD year that Erika has been cold and icy towards the new girl. If this is the beef Denise has I don't want it because Teddi looks like her twin, so we've seen it all before! The site also claims:

“Erika is already annoyed that so many actresses are on the show,” said the source. “She says it’s turned into a soap opera.”

I'm excited for Denise to join the cast and I think she WILL bring it, however, she isn't the problem, it's the other ladies. Everybody plays too safe and isn't willing to actually dive into the drama except for Lisa Rinna but even she took a year off so I don't see Denise's addition being too dramatic. This is why they need a messy bitch like Brandi...

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