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Lisa Vanderpump Not Talking To RHOBH Costars Except Denise Richards

Hopefully she leaves the show for good.

Us Weekly has a mole in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills camp which is perfect because they are continuing to supply us with all the delicious tea of what we can expect from the upcoming ninth season which is slated to premiere in either December 2018 or January 2019.

The gossip site is now reporting that Lisa Vanderpump isn't speaking to ANY of her costars except for newbie Denise Richards. It was confirmed she wouldn't leave her dressing room during a cast photo shoot and has been beefing with her former bestie Dorito Kemsley over an adopted dog - now it looks like she's in a bad place with everyone. A source shared:

"She is not talking to any of the cast except for Denise. There have been numerous attempts from the other cast members to reach out to her and they have gone unanswered. The women feel like Lisa doesn’t want to face them and confront the situation. She has kept her distance and now that’s creating more problems with the cast."

LVC has even been feuding with her longtime "friend" Kyle Richards. We all know these two are only made-for-TV friends so it's a relief that their fake relationship has finally ended. Kyle apparently got into a massive argument with LVC's husband Ken Todd and he declared she would never be allowed in his house again. The source elaborated:

"They were both screaming at each other. It was really bad and ugly." Ugh Ken really needs to stay out of women's business because it is not fun to see him yelling at his wife's costars.

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After being on the outskirts with Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, Dorito Kemsley, Teddi Mellencamp, Camille Grammer and even Kyle, the only person left for LVC to film her scenes with (aside from her dogs) is the newbie Denise. Lisa always manages to grab onto the newbies and make them her pets before they realise her manipulative ways and then lead the charge against her. See: Kyle, Brandi , Rinna/Eileen, Dorito and now Teddi. Another source gave this tea about Denise's place on the show:

"She’s feeling this all out because she’s a newbie and is still adjusting to the insanity whereas the other women are more comfortable with each other. She’s like a fish out of water. She’s harmless and sweet but does not know her place yet."

The majority of the cast spent the other night with Boy George and Billy Idol which was plastered all over social media with two women noticeably absent: LVC and Denise.

Honestly this needs to be LVC's last season. How many times can we have her play the victim for an entire season and then return the next season forcing all the women to give her apologies that she won't accept even though she was the one in the wrong. It's exhausting.

Hopefully she calls it quits after this season and just spends the rest of her days on Vanderpump Rules because she has been a dead fish for the last three seasons of this show.

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