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Kim D Shades Teresa Giudice After Husband's Deportation

Some call her thirsty but I can't get enough.

Only hours after Joe Giudice was officially sentenced to be deported from the country Kim D and plenty of Teresa Giudice's ex RHONJ stars wasted no time to talk to the press and give their opinion on the situation and of course it was FULL of shade on the boutique owner turned madam's part.

Kim did an interview with TMZ from her store POSCHE (I had to used Tre's acronym to remember how to spell it) where she claimed she doesn't care about the deportation, she feels bad for the girls and Teresa is always partying everywhere. She even said Tre will try and make money off this situation which isn't really shade, it's a fact.

For some reason I couldn't get the TMZ video on this page so you can watch it through this link or just read the shady exceprts of what she said below:

"Unfortunately he broke the law. It is unfortunate but that's the way it is."

"Everyone feels bad for the children but we all sorta knew this was going to happen."

"She's out every night partying, having a great time, and I think she doesn't really care and I heard she's getting her own 'Joe's getting deported' show so maybe she'll make some money off it."

That's not all, Kim D along with fellow ex RHONJ stars Siggy Flicker and Amber Marchese spoke to Us Weekly about the deportation and of course the POSCHE owner had to throw some more shade Tre's way saying:

“I happen to like Joe a lot. He has treated me from day 1 with respect that I’ve earned. Will she see Joe in Italy? No. Just like she didn’t see him in jail.”

Is it shitty for Kim to be shading Teresa in the press when her husband was just told he'll never be allowed to live in the same country as his daughters? Yes. Is it entertaining and is she speaking the truth? Fuck yes.

Jersey has gotten so bad that Kim D was a high point for last season and I'm strangly going to miss her in season nine. RIP KIM D.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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